The Digital
Pharma Specialists


  • Online Marketing Principles Review
  • Plan an Online Marketing Budget
  • Clarify Your Web Site Objectives
  • Getting the Most from Your Web Site
  • Getting Results from your Web Site - An Overview
  • Web Navigation Systems
  • How is Your Online Customer Service?
  • Marketing to Win Market Share - the Role of Doctor Sentiment and Benchmarking
  • Marketing Using Online Communities
  • Tips for Creating a Useful Online Community
  • Find Your Target Audience
  • Understanding Your Users Needs
  • Sponsorships - An effective model?
  • Banners: An Effective Online Model?
  • Make the Most of Banner Advertising
  • Opt-In E-mail Beats Banners
  • ROI of Email Marketing
  • Traditional Advertising of Web sites
  • Effectiveness of Dot Com TV Advertising
  • Building a Brand On-Line
  • Branding Web Style
  • Effectively Choosing an Online Partner
  • Understanding the Online User
  • Maximize Your Web Site Marketing
  • Search Engine Tips and Traps
  • How to Stay in the Search Engine Top 20 Rankings
  • Search Engine Tips
  • Strategic Linking and Its' Importance
  • Is Your Site Link-Worthy?
  • List Services-How Useful Are They in Marketing?
  • Don't Forget to Sign
  • Using Press Releases Effectively
  • How to Create Effective Press Releases
  • Protect Your Company Image
  • Ethics on the Net
  • Benchmarking of Online Marketing
  • WebMetrix - Measuring Results
  • Work Those Log Files!
  • Personalize Your Web Marketing the High Tech Way!
  • Online versus Offline Sales & Marketing & ROI Differences
  • Why is eLearning so hot for Pharmaceutical Companies?
  • Is Search Engine Optimisation too boring to command your interest?

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