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As eDetailing models from the US start to become available in Europe, the use of the Internet as a sales and marketing tool is currently under consideration by most pharmaceutical companies.

In Europe, tighter regulations concerning physician promotions make it harder to incentivise physicians to participate in eDetailing. Thus, careful planning and implementation of these systems must be thoughtfully carried out to ensure that the European regulatory codes are adhered to. Each eDetail model differs in its popularity and applicability to specific physicians. Physicians are likely to be divided into those that prefer traditional detailing and those who prefer one of the various eDetail models. Preference is likely to vary by physician specialty as well by country. Hence, market research to understand physician’s needs, technology constraints and incentives is going to be a key prerequisite to any eDetailing pilot or programme. Prior to choosing a model, the pharmaceutical company must also be mindful of the needs of a particular product and where it is in its’ lifecycle and specific market differences. Pharmaceutical companies need to consider their eDetailing options carefully to choose a model that will deliver right for their business, their products, target physician groups and country. AccademiaMed will give you the tools to successfully assess the role that eDetailing will have in your organisation and how to measure ROI accurately.

How We can Help

  • Strategy Development. AccademiaMed helps drive overall strategy for your unique sales and marketing opportunities so that best opportunities for highest ROI are selected with whichever system you choose
  • Physician Recruiting. AccademiaMed assist sales reps manage all physician recruiting efforts using territory management systems and IMS data
  • Content Development & Execution. The AccademiaMed team work together to turn your regulatory-approved marketing content into an exciting online detail aids.
  • Data Management & ROI Calculation. AccademiaMed work with IMS to allow third party auditing of prescribing and AccademiaMed does ROI calculation as an independent third party
  • Program Evaluation. Every programme we manage is evaluated for future programme success.
  • Sales Rep Training. We can train sales reps to use technology systems.
  • eDetailing Masterclass Workshop One day workshop to help plan strategy, prioritise, implement, and measurement results of eDetailing projects.

eDetailing Master classes
Participants will be trained using a combination of lectures, case studies, and practical hands-on group activities. The latest approaches to planning, prioritising, initiating and accelerating these eDetailing opportunities will be analysed and discussed. AccademiaMed will share their latest research on the implementation of effective eDetailing strategies and how these can be effectively integrated into traditional sales force approaches. These will all be analysed within the context of how they can be applied to the current and future marketing plans.

Client Comments from recent AccademiaMed eDetailing workshop participants:

“Good content and facilitation that resulted in great interaction between all those present”

“Good introduction for someone new to the topic, good handout pack, good material, useful exercises! I now know how to approach the strategy, choose vendors and plan the ROI measures far more effectively ”

Delegates from an inter-company Masterclass on eDetailing

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