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Without appropriate marketing, advertising and promotion you cannot hope to reach - and more importantly influence your target audience to action – effectively.

The purpose underlying any marketing activity is to persuade more people to buy your product more often and when we market your product we measure this result. AccademiaMed provide both a comprehensive marketing services plan as well asonline marketing implementation.

Comprehensive marketing services plan
AccademiaMed™ marketing services will:

  • Help you set SMART (Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timed) marketing objectives
  • Understand the market environment with market research
  • Determine best positioning for the most profitable market segment
  • Understand your customers in depth – people buy particular products for reasons and it is our job as marketers to understand what those reasons are and how to apply them to our business. Their actions arise out of - and reflect - their beliefs, emotions, opinions, and circumstances. Analysing target customer behaviour will assist in creating the best marketing platforms from which to sell. AccademiaMed have created a process to map the customer belief structure, motivation and behaviour to assist in understanding the customer at a deeper level from which to plan a strategy.
  • Create reasons for these fully identified customers to want your product
  • Create an effective marketing strategy (both online and offline) to achieve the objectives set
  • Constantly test and measure the results of everything we do
  • Continually refresh the brand strategy to maximize current and future sales

Online marketing implementation
We can advise on online marketing tactics including

Client Comment: ‘The search engine optimisation done by AccademiaMed kept our site ranking in the top 10 in all the top search engines for the disease area. A total of 38 number one rankings were achieved for our keywords.’
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