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Branded CD-ROMs

CD ROM giveaways are popular for pump-priming exercises. Usually, the CDs are distributed containing shareware and useful free software (such as Adobe Acrobat or Web Browsers). The distribution can be timed to coincide with upgrade releases so that users are eager to have the new version, and will thus use the CD. The disk will have an autorun feature that can be designed to ensure the user initially sees the desired message and can be taken straight to the Website if desired.

Additionally, to save costs, it may be possible to form an alliance with another distributor. For example, if targeting GPs in the UK, eMIMS - the electronic version of MIMS prescribing information system - which is distributed with certain GP weekly magazines. It is a monthly date-controlled disk (to ensure drug information remains valid). If collaboration were agreed, we would be reaching an established physician audience who are practised in the use of CD-ROMS.

Another interesting option for GPs (for example) to distribute CD-ROMS would be NeMo (Network Medical Online). They are a closed system and distribute their offline software to doctors for free thus creating a virtual medical community that is far more secure than an online one. The software dials up and downloads daily updates. They offer access to many doctors & obviously they will be useful for targeted direct email.

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