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Newsletter Advertising (Online)

This is a way to reach many targeted eyeballs of people who have signed up for the topic because they are interested.

There are several ways advertising can be implemented using online newsletters.

One is to create your own newsletter on the topic that allows an opportunity to interact with potential site users and advertisers monthly (or more frequently) and collect a targeted database for later marketing use. A second method is to advertise in established newsletters that already go out to the target audience.

Both can be used in conjunction with each other. These users do not mind the occasional advertisement in a newsletter if they are also receiving valuable information. can assist with either option – writing the newsletter advertisements (articles) each month for our client, or researching newsletters to advertise in and writing the copy to appear – including our own with its large industry and medical professional subscriber base. This may be in the form of an article submitted to the newsletter or it may be in the form of an ad depending on what the individual newsletter allows. This can be done for online or print newsletters to the target groups.

For more information or to request this service please click <request service> button on the bottom of the marketing services page.

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