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Search engine listings are important, but only if you are at the top of the listing rankings. We are experts at ensuring your site gets listed at the top of the rankings and we GUARANTEE that we will get your site placed in the top 20 rankings for the top search engines during our campaigns and maintain high rankings throughout the campaign.

It is vitally important that you appear at the top of the listings for your key words as people tend not to look too far down the listings. In fact, we have found that for your site to be utilizing a search engine optimally, you need to be ranked in the top 20 as many people do not bother looking further down lists than that. Are your sites ranking in the top 20 rankings for the top search engines for your key words? Go to the search engines, type in your key words and see whether your site appears for those key words in the top 20 rankings. If not, come and talk to us!

There are many variations in the way search engines index the sites submitted to them. We are fully aware of how each individual search engine indexes and we make sure we keep abreast of any changes in individual search engine indexing algorithms. We use this knowledge to custom-design your site's html for each individual search engine to give your site maximum advantage in each of their rankings. Only then is your site submitted to the top 10 search engines, using the custom-designed html for each particular search engine.

We create a baseline analysis and reports every 2 weeks documenting the rise in your rankings for your key words within each individual search engine to demonstrate our results.

For more information or to request this service please click <request service> button on the bottom of the marketing services page.

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