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Targeted NewsGroup Marketing

Because news groups and mailing lists are a very useful and often profitable way of interacting with your target group, and because you can reach millions of potential customers daily and instantly, this is not a source of marketing to be ignored.

We research which news groups and mailing lists have users who would be most interested in your site and monitor postings in these groups. A member of your company (or a member of AccademiaMed can then participate in these news groups and mailing lists.

News group users have usually been on the 'Net for longer than the average Web user and are very sensitive about 'Netiquette'. There are acceptable and unacceptable ways of interacting with such users. If you choose to interact in these groups yourself please bear in mind the following points.

  1. Stay active in only a few important and more targeted news groups.
  2. Post informative articles.
  3. Post information on site updates that are useful to the group.
  4. Post Newsletter issues if of interest to the group.
  5. Always answer questions.
  6. Do not advertise.
  7. Do not spam.

For more information or to request this service please click <request service> button on the bottom of the marketing services page.

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