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AccademiaMed conduct both qualitative and quantitative online market research GPs, Specialists, Pharmacists, Nurses and healthcare consumers. By effectively using the Internet as a marketing research tool, we are able to conduct research projects faster, more cost-effectively and with a wider geographic reach than other types of research.

AccademiaMed offer bespoke online market research as well as being the exclusive supplier of the European and US versions of pharmaceutical market research .

Market Research
The CB research has been successfully used by the pharmaceutical industry to plan strategic positioning and grow brand position or company positions within the market. The indicator is used to measure the level of sentiment relative to the size of the brand (market share (IMS) is used to reflect size). CB performs in-depth sentiment based research with sample groups of the target audience (GPs, Specialists or consumers for OTC brands) and from this one can accurately predict whether the company’s market share will go up or down. The system has a 95% confidence level and pinpoints the areas driving the brand and its performance. It therefore gives you the tools to address those areas not supporting your market share whilst allowing you to understand the growth drivers

This is based on the CCP (Company Confidence Predictor) system. This is a unique diagnostic management tool which converts attitudinal information on companies and their products into empirical functions of their appropriate market stature e.g. market share, brand value. The system evaluates confidence levels amongst the key target market against those criteria, which they believe will force them in a certain direction i.e. which brand to support. It analyses the level of confidence that exists in ethical drug brands by highlighting a brand’s strengths and weaknesses.

In addition to re-auditing in 6 monthly intervals (which proves the research accurate), the research can identify why the brand sales are going up or down. This can isolate the key problem areas be it product attributes, sales force reps, detail aids, market influencers, marketing and communications activities.

Client Comment: ‘The CB system allowed us [Astra, South Africa] to fully understand the just how our company and its brands were perceived, versus our competitors, and what we required to do in order to grow. Importantly, having a tool that allowed us to predict whether or not our market share would grow or decline was invaluable as it allowed us for the first time to realistically evaluate our efforts and investments. The net result was raising the company profile to position 3 from position 36 (3 years prior) with a significant and corresponding increase in market share. I strongly recommend the CB system (that AccademiaMed are distributing in Europe and US) to those who are serious about a market driven strategy and growing the presence of their company and its products.’

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