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Measuring Return on Investment is crucial for all aspects of strategy and marketing. All companies need to question and measure the results of their investment in particular whether websites have delivered the benefits promised.

Questions to ask about your strategy include:

  • Have product sales increased since the strategy or site was launched?
  • Can you directly measure that this was attributable to the specific strategy employed?
  • Have sales been closed faster allowing greater productivity?
  • Has the company been contacted significantly more regarding its products?
  • Has cost cutting been noted?
  • Is customer retention and loyalty been noted?
  • Are customer preferences and needs being discovered?

More often the answers to these questions is no. Why? Because companies often do not plan the strategy and marketing sufficiently well to incorporate real ROI measurement within them. AccademiaMed does.

We have case studies of how this has been achieved with our clients in the past and will work with our clients in the strategy planning phase to ensure that real ROI measurements (in terms of increases in prescribing) are measured.

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