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AccademiaMed provide a full technology service to our clients through our in-house team and our alliance partnerships.

The AccademiaMed team and our technology partners have completed pharma projects using HTML, XML, ASP, ColdFusion, Perl, Java, Javascript, and Flash - across diverse platforms such as BroadVision, InterWoven, Autonomy, SilverStream, Allaire and Vignette.

In addition to Web technology, AccademiaMed recognise that digital business is about more than just the internet and could include any technology that helps link pharmaceutical companies to their customers (especially patients and health care professionals). For example:

  • mobile phones are becoming more prevalent especially in Europe where >120 million Europeans already use mobiles and exchange billions of text messages every month
  • Personal Digital Assistants are becoming more popular e.g. in the US, 20-30% of physicians already use handhelds
  • Interactive Digital Television (iDTV) is already in Europe, with the UK and Scandinavia leading in penetration though its still early days

Consumer diagnostics are becoming more available and are becoming easier to combine with advances in mobile communications and computing to make monitoring of health a more feasible alternative to the episodic treatment of illness.

AccademiaMed understands the importance of applying the right device fits the right solution. We also have a list of very good technology alliance partnerships with large international IT companies so no matter what your preferred technology solution AccademiaMed has the people and the technology to help you.

'It was very refreshing to talk with someone who really understands the Pharma "e" space.'
Allison Glasser, Senior Manager e-Business Pfizer

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