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Planning an Effective e-Detailing Approach in Europe

Pharmaceutical companies need to consider their eDetailing options carefully to choose a model that will be right for their particular product, target physician group and country – being mindful of the European regulatory differences to their US counterparts. Many pharmaceutical companies are simply starting a pilot with one or two models and a key European market but this will not necessarily be sufficient to reach a conclusion for all cases if these specific areas have not been analysed sufficiently. This workshop focuses on untangling the key issues for success in eDetailing (including key sales reps if possible to get their buy-in and expertise in forming a strategy):

  • Which products are best for eDetailing (depending on the product spot in its’ lifecycle)?
  • Which type of physicians should be chosen to participate for highest ROI?
  • What type of eDetailing to use?
  • How to stay within the European regulatory codes while still incentivising physicians to participate?
  • What are the most effective approaches and models in Europe in terms of what kinds of eDetailing work best to achieve ROI?
  • How to move forward with pilots?
  • How to evaluate pilots and plan roll-out?
  • What metrics to be used to measure ROI?
  • How these metrics are used to calculate ROI and who calculates the ROI?

Client quote: “Good content and activites provided a blueprint for me to now analyse our current eDetailing plans more rigorously and build in stronger ROI measures” – Delegate from an inter-company Masterclass on eDetailing (attended by 8 pharmaceutical companies)

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