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How to Plan and Integrate ROI Measurements into Online Marketing Activities in Healthcare

ROI metrics must include quantitative and qualitative measures. However, for pharmaceutical companies, unlike online retail businesses such as books and CDs which can measure sales directly, it is not as easy to devise meaningful quantitative metrics for online marketing activities that directly correlate to sales. Relevant quantitative measures should be numbers relevant to meeting pharmaceutical business objectives. This means that tracking numbers of site visitors or page impressions are not enough. Tracking the impact on revenue (e.g. prescription sales) directly attributable to the digital strategy is crucial. Qualitative aspects are harder to quantify but also important and include items such as improved understanding of customer and improved customer service and satisfaction, referrals, faster sales cycle etc. AccademiaMed has devised and helped to implement meaningful quantitative data in the pharmaceutical sector. AccademiaMed will guide you through the process of:

  1. Identifying the objectives and desired business results
  2. Identifying the most appropriate eMetrics to measure
  3. Determining how these measures relate to the end business result
  4. Understanding how to track these eMetrics and how often to track these metrics for meaningful interpretation
  5. Training and empowering the eBusiness and marketing teams so that these eMetrics are widely used within the company
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