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How to Plan and Integrate Online and Traditional Marketing Tools in Marketing Healthcare Web Sites Effectively

Marketing is often key to the success of any activity and in the online environment it is vital. Online marketing had specialist techniques that differ from offline marketing and understanding how effectiveness and appropriateness of each technique is important to marketing success. In addition, the seamless integration of offline and online techniques will maximise the marketing potential of any activity. This interactive workshop will ensure that participants:

  • understand applications of at least 20 internet marketing tactics for healthcare websites and when they are applicable
  • analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the different internet marketing tactics
  • learn to analyse and plan the most effective internet marketing strategies to reach target audiences effectively
  • the latest legal online DTC promotion strategies
  • identify how to reach physicians effectively through web-based promotions
  • understand how to plan integration of offline and online marketing activities for healthcare web sites – pre-launch, launch, and post-launch
  • discover how to implement quantitative strategies for analysing marketing results for activities undertaken.

Client Quote: “Very interesting insights and good takeaway materials”
Novo Nordisk from a workshop on “How to integrate online with offline marketing”

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