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Workshops and Training

AccademiaMed run workshops and training on specific topics for our pharma clients. Participants are trained using a combination of lectures, case studies, and practical hands-on group activities. The latest approaches to planning, prioritising and initiating opportunities relevant to the topic area are analysed and discussed with specific reference to the clients' particular products, markets and needs. The outcome is a strategic plan in that area for that individual client including context of how they can be applied to the current and future marketing plans of that client.

AccademiaMed's consultants have facilitated many workshops and training events both at individual pharmaceutical clients as well as at public inter-company events. For example:

  • eDetailing workshop in Nice May 22 2002, at Pharma Vision conference on eMarketing
  • eDetailing Masterclass in London on 9 April 2002 at AccademiaMed offices. This event was attended by representatives from 8 pharmaceutical companies
  • eDetailing Seminar in London on 12 December 2001 at Management Forum event. This event was attended by a mix of pharmaceutical company and other consultancies/suppliers.

Current workshop areas:

  1. Improving ROI from physician marketing
  2. Planning an Effective e-Detailing Approach in Europe
  3. How to Plan and Integrate ROI Measurements into Online Marketing Activities in Healthcare
  4. Developing an Effective eBusiness strategy
  5. How to Integrate Global and Local Online Strategy Effectively
  6. How to Plan and Integrate Online and Traditional Marketing Tools in Marketing Healthcare Web Sites Effectively

Client Quotes from recent AccademiaMed workshop:

"Good content and facilitation that resulted in great interaction between all those present"
Delegate from an inter-company Masterclass on eDetailing (attended by 8 pharmaceutical companies)

"Very interesting insights and good takeaway materials"

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